About Us

Bayatlılar Dış Ticaret is a foreign trade company whose main field of activity, established in 2009, was determined as the import and export of various goods.

Automotive, machinery, construction, import of various products, mainly bridges, export and transit trade issue in Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, and has been active in international. Since its inception, Turkey and the result of the cooperation with many manufacturers in the European market in the sector takes its place among the leading companies.

Thanks to its wide customer portfolio covering the Middle Eastern countries, Iraq continues to grow by growing day by day.

Bayatlılar offers sales and marketing services in different sectors and business environments with its business models and organizations developed with its innovative structure.

Product imports, featured exports carry out activities to establish certain distribution channels and new market networks and to provide consultancy services in select sectors.

In this axis, he is the consultant and supplier of many international investment firms, especially in the Middle East.


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